17,200 Days and Counting

That’s how many days I’ve been alive. How many days have you lived so far? Go to www.therobertd.com and use the calculator on the home page to find out. Go ahead! I’ll play a game of Freecell while I’m waiting…

Oh good, you’re back! You probably noticed Robert D’s book while you were visiting the website, 20,000 Days and Counting. I read it (twice) last weekend; it is a serious reality-shifter! Remember our discussion last week about paradigm shifts? Yep, here’s another one. All the life/goal planning programs I’ve run across until now have focused on monthly or quarterly or annual, or even 5-year and 10-year accountability. But Robert D reminds us that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. He challenges us to be accountable and to have gratitude for each and every day that we are granted on this amazing planet. How are we spending our time? With whom? Why? What, and who, is important to us? Can others tell from how we spend our time?

Yeah. For me? 9.5 on the richter scale of paradigm shifts! Alive for 17,200 days and I can definitively account for… maybe… 100 of them, at best. Even when I calculate time/days spent working towards specific goals (like completing my MFA degree, for instance) or preparing for big evens (my wedding or childbirth are good examples), there are still, quite literally, thousands of days for which I simply cannot account. And I can never get them back again, either.

I know there is no way to ensure that I can, or will, account for each day I have left. But I can be more mindful about spending them on the things that matter, and with the people I care about.