Listed are the posts for September 2013.

Popular for the BEST Reasons!

My daughter came home last week looking dejected and disappointed. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she wasn’t popular. And she wanted to be! Her classmates had done oral presentations of some projects in class and each presenter got to choose who presented next, but no one chose her. She will be […]

What Do You Write On? (Or: The Joys of Journals!)

For many, many years, I wrote everything on lined, 3-hole punched notebook paper. After all, that is what teachers require, right? The REALLY picky ones ban all paper with messy, spiral-bound edges too! I wrote everything for work and school in blue or black ink because, again, that was required. But somewhere along the way, […]

Mission Stories: An Update

This will be a very short post. Because, frankly, there isn’t much to say. 🙁  Ihave begun the research of the missions in So. Cal. as those are the ones we are planning to visit and write stories for first. My parents are camping in Oceanside for the next month, and there just happens to […]