Listed are the posts for October 2014.

Teaching Kids to Pray

What parent doesn’t want to raise well-balanced, resilient kids? Of course, we want our kids to be healthy and strong. For their physical strength, we encourage them to be active and eat healthy foods. For their emotional strength, we encourage activities with their BFF’s and teach them to prevent bullying when they see it. So […]

PTSD and Gender

The two populations with the highest frequency of PTSD diagnoses are: – military combat soldiers – prison inmates Since both of these populations are predominantly male, I had (wrongly) assumed that men were more likely to develop and be diagnosed with PTSD following severe trauma. Imagine my surprise when I found that in the general […]

Stay Safe: Stay Alert!

According to Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company, “BEFORE the assault is where real self defense starts.” He goes on to explain the 4 stages of attack and the concept that once you have been attacked, any attempt at self-defense is a “salvage operation, at best.” Instead of “salvaging” your safety, would you like […]

3 Mindsets for PTSD Recovery

Recovery from PTSD is a challenging endeavor, one that is often filled with both fear and a sense of hope. The extent and success of recovery depends on the mindset of the survivor. There are 3 distinct mindsets: – victim – survivor – thriver The terms “victim” and “survivor” are often used interchangeably by the […]

Train Hard!

Recently I’ve been examining my own definition of strength as I write for this blog. I believe in my heart that true strength encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. As with everything else, “you are only as strong as your weakest link.” In recent years, my weakest link is my physical strength. I am […]