Listed are the posts for May 2015.

Scattered Focus = Weakness

Sorry, this is a day late, but I’m getting back on track… slowly… Lately, it seems like all of the tasks completed and the goals set take far longer to finish than the time allotted for them. But it’s not a new phenomenon in my life. While people close to me accuse me of procrastination, […]

The Strong Minds Mission

I was talking with one of my amazing stepdaughters a while back and, as usual, she said something that lodged in my brain permanently. She is an incredible, strong, talented and inspirational songwriter and performer, who said, “I work hard every day to be the very best version of “me” that I can be. I […]

Fight AND Flight

Once upon a time, when I was young and fit, I never ever wondered if I could defend myself against a physical attack. I KNEW I was strong and quick. I had trained diligently and practiced hard. I watched for new defensive techniques to add to my arsenal, and constantly upgraded my skills. Fast forward […]

Want to be Courageous? Be Prepared!

Preparation is one of the most important keys to being courageous. Preparation can take several forms: – planning – visualizing – training – practice Planning ahead to meet a challenge means answering some key questions. What resources are needed? How much time will be required? What things might be potential distractions? How can distractions be […]