2016 CDF: Warrior-Strong

Several years ago, one of the books or blogs I was reading about feminine identity discussed the use of military language in success and business literature. It identified the terms as appealing more to men, of being “masculine” in nature. It suggested that the use of words like “battle,” “strategy,” “weapons,” along with a focus on physical and mental strength over psychic and emotional strength alienated women from the discussion and left them at a disadvantage.

The argument was well-formed and presented logically. I agreed with some of the points and conceded that some women could be alienated or put off by militant or warlike imagery and language usage.

BUT… these days I find myself motivated by it. Thus my choice of the term warrior-strong for one of my 2016 core desired feelings. It’s the only word I carried over from 2015- it is my “through-line.” Last year, it addressed my desire to strengthen my body and my health. Limited progress was made in that arena. I believe that expanding the definition to apply to every area of my life will significantly improve my effectiveness and progress. I want to be warrior-strong in my physical body, my mindset, my creative output, my career strategy, my interpersonal relationships.

All of life.