2018 CDF: FREE!!

Freedom can mean so many things, I don’t quite know where to start. I chose it as my first CDF (Core Desired Feeling) for 2018 because it was the first word that blazed into my mind. It came in as a hot glory, a wild firecracker of awareness, the burning sense that I hadn’t been truly free in a long time.

But it surprised me. I live in America, “the land of the free.” I am independent in many ways, living my life according to the choices that I have made. I cannot blame anyone else for the condition of my life. I don’t have a bad life, by any means. But I felt trapped in many aspects of my life. Trapped in a lifestyle, career, and reality that was too small; it pinched… like a vise grip. I felt that I had to make myself smaller, quieter, more invisible than even my introverted self was comfortable being.

But that is not what I want 2018 to feel like! No more! I am asking myself with each decision that I make, “how does this set me free? How does it contribute to freedom in my life and my choices?” And if it doesn’t set me free or contribute to my freedom, then a different choice must be made. I know this is all very vague, so here are 2 specific freedoms which I desire to cultivate this year:

  • Freedom to travel, often
  • Freedom to spend money on things that delight me and contribute to furthering feelings of freedom