“30 is the end of life…” NOT!

Overheard at the Queen Bean Cafe – a 20-something waxing poetic for his friends’ amusement: ” My girlfriend is 30. That’s the end of life as far as I’m concerned. You might as well just retire, ya’ know?”

Okay, I’ll admit it. My first thoughts were not very cheritable… “You pretentious, disingenuous little prick! Are you really that clueless? Did you really just assign yourself and the 8 friends sitting at your table to rocking chairs in the next 3-5 years?!” (And yes, I resisted the urge to crawl over the table and choke him out.)

My next brief thought was pity for his girlfriend. I hope she has the sense and confidence to trade in the young jerk for a guy with a more realistic vision of life, because things with this guy are about to get really boring, really fast… “old lady!” Yep, that’s what he really thinks!

When I had time to calm down (and stop seeing red), I found only pity for early-retirement-home-boy. I realized that there are many like him who believe if they don’t “make it,” if they don’t achieve it “all” by a certain age, that they’re a washed-up failure. What incredible pressure they put on themselves! No wonder there are so many “midlife crises” in our culture. No wonder there’s such an obsession with youth, and plastic surgery, and “anti-aging” treatments.

30 is not the end of life. It’s an incredible beginning… (and the perfect opportunity to leave such childish idiots in the dust. I’m just sayin’… 30-year-old-girlfriend, are you hearing me?!)

I had accomplished many things by the time I was 30; I don’t want to discount them. But since I turned 30? Wow! So much more living, so much more joy, so much life! I can’t imagine the emptiness and depression I would be living in today, had I “retired” at 30. In my 30’s (and now, my 40’s) I have traveled, run marathons, furthered my education, explored 5 potential career paths to find the one I want, married, given birth to an amazing soul, started my own business, divorced, given back and helped others, found my soulmate, found myself…

And there’s still so much more, such potential in each day, even as I find myself approaching 50. So. Much. More.

Hey, early-retirement-home-boy, 30’s NOT EVEN HALFWAY THERE!