A Warrior-Strong Mindset, Part 1: Aisha

Months ago, I read a book by Sherry Jones about Muhammed’s youngest wife, Aisha. (The Jewel of Medina) It was a fictionalized account of a historical figure and her life which stirred up a lot of controversy in the Muslim community, controversy which I have NO interest in engaging. Let me be clear: no controversy here.

What stayed with me long after I had finished reading the book was the powerful warrior that this young woman became, in spite of society’s limitations and censure. Aisha refused to let the limitations and censure define her. Instead, she ignored them, developed her own skills, and taught those skills to Muhammed’s other wives. This enabled them to defend their home on at least one occasion when Muhammed and his men were away at battle and marauders came calling.

Aisha’s bravery and warrior-strong mindset inspired me to further develop my own. The rest of this month’s series of posts will examine just how that can be achieved.