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Self-Defense vs. Martial Arts

I have been practicing self-defense strategies on Damian Ross’ website ( while my daughter has been practicing Karate at the local community center. An acquaintance recently criticized my decision to enroll her in the karate class, saying that martial arts is “just” a sport and won’t do her any good if she is ever attacked. I […]

To Supplement or Not?

I have been riding the fence about dietary/health supplementation. On one hand, I know that even when I’m eating well, seeking out organic whole foods, I can not get the nutrition my body needs from my diet alone. But there is so much conflicting information about supplements, and so many impure synthetic supplements on the […]

You Are Only As Strong As Your Resources

(Last Friday’s post… running a little bit late!) Surviving difficult situations often depends on a person’s resourcefulness. What exactly does one do when a job is lost, eviction notices are served, the car breaks down, a loved one falls ill? Scramble! Fast! That’s what you must do. There are resources available to help with every […]

Scattered Focus = Weakness

Sorry, this is a day late, but I’m getting back on track… slowly… Lately, it seems like all of the tasks completed and the goals set take far longer to finish than the time allotted for them. But it’s not a new phenomenon in my life. While people close to me accuse me of procrastination, […]

The Strong Minds Mission

I was talking with one of my amazing stepdaughters a while back and, as usual, she said something that lodged in my brain permanently. She is an incredible, strong, talented and inspirational songwriter and performer, who said, “I work hard every day to be the very best version of “me” that I can be. I […]

Fight AND Flight

Once upon a time, when I was young and fit, I never ever wondered if I could defend myself against a physical attack. I KNEW I was strong and quick. I had trained diligently and practiced hard. I watched for new defensive techniques to add to my arsenal, and constantly upgraded my skills. Fast forward […]

Want to be Courageous? Be Prepared!

Preparation is one of the most important keys to being courageous. Preparation can take several forms: – planning – visualizing – training – practice Planning ahead to meet a challenge means answering some key questions. What resources are needed? How much time will be required? What things might be potential distractions? How can distractions be […]

Courage is a Special Kind of Strength

“Without fear you can’t have courage. Courage only happens when you overcome something that scares you.” ~Gabriela Pereira, This year, my daughter’s teacher insists that students list an antonym for every vocabulary word assigned. As an English instructor myself, I have found the concept awkward and frustrating, as there are many nouns (in particular) […]

Teaching Kids to Pray

What parent doesn’t want to raise well-balanced, resilient kids? Of course, we want our kids to be healthy and strong. For their physical strength, we encourage them to be active and eat healthy foods. For their emotional strength, we encourage activities with their BFF’s and teach them to prevent bullying when they see it. So […]

PTSD and Gender

The two populations with the highest frequency of PTSD diagnoses are: – military combat soldiers – prison inmates Since both of these populations are predominantly male, I had (wrongly) assumed that men were more likely to develop and be diagnosed with PTSD following severe trauma. Imagine my surprise when I found that in the general […]

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