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Welcome 2016!

I am so glad to start this new year! I went into 2015 knowing that it would be a stagnant year focused mostly on survival. I made the best of it, stayed afloat, and made the effort to stay engaged with life in spite of some personal difficulties and challenges. 2016 WILL BE different! The […]

Strength to Launch

launch: to start or set in motion. to send forth, catapult, or release. Last week, I read the book Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell. While the book was full of good advice, the thing I liked best was the analogy woven throughout (I’m an English geek. What can I say?) Campbell used the analogy […]

The Strong Minds Mission

I was talking with one of my amazing stepdaughters a while back and, as usual, she said something that lodged in my brain permanently. She is an incredible, strong, talented and inspirational songwriter and performer, who said, “I work hard every day to be the very best version of “me” that I can be. I […]

Courage is a Special Kind of Strength

“Without fear you can’t have courage. Courage only happens when you overcome something that scares you.” ~Gabriela Pereira, This year, my daughter’s teacher insists that students list an antonym for every vocabulary word assigned. As an English instructor myself, I have found the concept awkward and frustrating, as there are many nouns (in particular) […]

“Because That’s Who I Am.”

Self-identity can be a tricky thing. Especially when what we think we know is questioned or contradicted by those who know us best. Especially when who we think we are is challenged by difficult circumstances or confusing situations. And then there’s those moments of clarity when we realize that the identity that we purposefully created […]

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