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Center-punched Sideways Again!

How do I keep getting knocked so far off track that I’m not even sure I’m still on the same internet as my readers? By now, I’m sure my readers recognize the signs and the pattern. Yep, when I step away and get quiet, it means that I’m questioning (again?!) my purpose, mission, goals, and […]

“Because That’s Who I Am.”

Self-identity can be a tricky thing. Especially when what we think we know is questioned or contradicted by those who know us best. Especially when who we think we are is challenged by difficult circumstances or confusing situations. And then there’s those moments of clarity when we realize that the identity that we purposefully created […]

“30 is the end of life…” NOT!

Overheard at the Queen Bean Cafe – a 20-something waxing poetic for his friends’ amusement: ” My girlfriend is 30. That’s the end of life as far as I’m concerned. You might as well just retire, ya’ know?” Okay, I’ll admit it. My first thoughts were not very cheritable… “You pretentious, disingenuous little prick! Are […]

Popular for the BEST Reasons!

My daughter came home last week looking dejected and disappointed. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she wasn’t popular. And she wanted to be! Her classmates had done oral presentations of some projects in class and each presenter got to choose who presented next, but no one chose her. She will be […]

Mission Stories: An Update

This will be a very short post. Because, frankly, there isn’t much to say. 🙁  Ihave begun the research of the missions in So. Cal. as those are the ones we are planning to visit and write stories for first. My parents are camping in Oceanside for the next month, and there just happens to […]

YA Fiction: Books that Inspire

Many adults enjoy reading YA fiction, in spite of criticism from other adult readers saying that they need to “grow up,” and “quit living in the past.” But is that really the reason that adults read YA? Is it a fair assumption that adult readers are developmentally stunted or nostalgic for their youth? I, for […]

YA/New Adult Political Apathy

Have you seen the video interview with the 12-year-old Egyptian boy who understands what is happening socially and politically in his country far better than most adults do- in his country AND ours! Check out the video here:  Go ahead; I’ll wait… Oh, good, you’re back! What makes that video so amazing to most people […]

We’re baaaack!

Yep, took a month or so off and spent some time evaluating where we’re at and where we’re going here at Strong Minds Publishing. Our first love is YA LITERATURE! Woohoo! So the decision is to start some conversations that matter to young adults. Of course, many adults will also find the conversations interesting, but […]

Shifting Paradigms = New Stories to Tell

A little background first: sitting in church the day after my daughter’s first karate class, I had a vision of a grand battle. The characters who introduced themselves to me were an elite mother/daughter team of warriors. Who were these women? Who or what were they fighting? Why? Because of the setting I was in […]

The Novel Implied

“Look closely at your book and make sure that you want to see the novel it implies.”   ~Walter Mosley, This Year You Write Your Novel I take this quote a step further. When I look at my book ideas, I make sure that I want to read the novel that is implied. I have […]

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