Center-punched Sideways Again!

How do I keep getting knocked so far off track that I’m not even sure I’m still on the same internet as my readers? By now, I’m sure my readers recognize the signs and the pattern. Yep, when I step away and get quiet, it means that I’m questioning (again?!) my purpose, mission, goals, and how best to implement all that in my “real” life. My writing life.

I have thousands – hundreds of thousands- of words in my head and on my heart which I believe could be of great benefit to today’s women – women at various ages and states of life, but especially young women in the teen, young adult, and new adult categories.

Many of the projects in my head are stories about strong women in history, real and imagined, which I feel modern women can learn so much from. Other projects are non-fiction, books initially, but with potential for workbooks, journals, study guides, workshops, online courses, etc.

I used to question the wisdom of leaving out the whole male population as my potential audience. But I don’t anymore. My message simply isn’t for them. Sometimes when I run my ideas by my husband, I see his eyes glaze over. Zero interest. And that’s fine. I suspect, and hope, that a few of my novels and stories will cross the gender line, but if not then it’s men’s loss.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see one. more. overhaul… of this blog as I create the new content and pull all the pieces together for a final re-launch. This is it. My time is here.