Creating Routines

What an oxymoron the title of today’s post is! As an obsessively creative person who gets bored easily, routine is the last thing I want to create. Or use. Or even think about! But without a minimal amount of routine in my life, everything becomes unmanageable.

So, what to do? Establish routines that meet 2 criteria:

– includes time for creativity in the routine

– can be applied and maintained with great flexibility

I’m still working out the kinks, but my summer routine includes waking early (though not school-schedule early) and reading or writing fiction first thing. Since we have to eat, meals are scheduled in the routine – but I create something new or try a new recipe at least 3 times each week. Okay, yeah, if a little is good, a whole lot is better! I’m trying new recipes or combinations in old recipes almost every day. And my evening ends with another hour or more of research, reading and writing my fiction projects.

One day each week, usually Friday, I throw routine out the window for sanity’s sake. I know, for some of the A-type personalities out there, having no routine is entirely crazy-making. But for me, it’s a gloriously joyful, 24-hour, reprieve. That routine, throwing it all to the wind?, THAT is my favorite routine of all!

Your turn: All of you creatives out there, tell us what routines work for you. How much routine do you need to be productive? Or does routine completely stifle you? That’s okay too! Can we create a happy medium, or is that just wishful thinking?