Destroy, in Order to Thrive

“How do you feel about destroying what must be destroyed in your life?”     ~Danielle LaPorte

As I struggle to find my focus and purpose for this re-launch of my writing career, I am thinking a lot about what I must first let go of. The good news is, I have never gotten far in developing my brand, logistics, or marketing. So there’s not much to tear down or re-build.

The bad news is, I have never gotten far in developing my brand, logistics , or marketing. So there’s a LOT of work to be done. Which brings me to the things I DO need to destroy.

Negative and limiting beliefs must go. Self-doubt and fear of failure must go. I need to destroy the tendency to procrastinate and the habit of over-researching. I will engage in less analysis and more creativity.

Now, look back at the question that started it all: how do I feel about destroying what must be destroyed? I believe that inherent in destruction is rebirth. Old, broken, useless things must be removed to make room for new. So, though change is always a little scary and a lot challenging, I feel hopeful that this time it will work. This time, I will launch.