Do You Trust Me?

By now, you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m so critical of the college system that provides my primary income. It’s not wise to “bite the hand that feeds you,” right? Yeah. Well, I’ve never been especially good at following the rules or living by platitudes, wise as they might be. (So how’s that working out for me? That’s a discussion for another day…)

But I have been teaching composition at many levels for over twenty years. I’ve taught middle school Reading and Language Arts, high school English, and college Composition and Literature courses.

I’ve also been a professional copywriter, ghostwriter, novelist, and editor for nine years. I especially enjoy writing YA historical novels and revisioning bible stories in modern times. I have learned many things about how, where, and why writing intersects with “real life.” It’s not rocket science or brain surgery; but it DOES require attention to detail and regular practice.

For many years (okay, decades!), I embraced my identity as a writer and tried desperately to deny the “teacher” identity. I realized recently that I can’t. I owe it to the writing community to “give back” and teaching is something I’m good at that allows me to contribute in a positive way.

It is my sincerest hope that my posts here, and the writing courses that I will be developing in the next few years, will prove useful to my readers, helping improve writing skills and increasing confidence in each writing situation faced.

In the coming months, I will address a wide variety of issues specific to academic writing and business writing. I encourage you, my readers, to ask any questions or raise any topics for discussion that are important to your academic or business situation. Let’s talk about it!