Fight AND Flight

Once upon a time, when I was young and fit, I never ever wondered if I could defend myself against a physical attack. I KNEW I was strong and quick. I had trained diligently and practiced hard. I watched for new defensive techniques to add to my arsenal, and constantly upgraded my skills.

Fast forward 20 years… Life. Has. Happened. I am no longer fit, which makes me slow, less coordinated, and unbalanced physically. I know that I am still pretty strong. I also know that the long-ago training and adrenaline would kick in and support me against any physical threat now. But would that be enough?

I have always had a fight AND flight impulse, instead of fight OR flight. I want to get a few good hits in before I flee! There are 2 problems with that plan in my current condition. First, staying close enough to strike an attacker means that I’m close enough to compromise my safety and get myself clobbered. Second, my current fitness level doesn’t support effective flight. Not very far; not very fast.

Of course, I know the statistics on the success of making noise or fighting back in any way – it really doesn’t take much to discourage most attackers- but I still feel vulnerable sometimes. And I hate feeling vulnerable! So for me, it’s back into training, ALL OUT. I wonder if I could get my trainer’s certification by the end of summer? It might be time to develop a formal plan to make it happen!

Your turn: How prepared are you to protect yourself in the event of a physical confrontation? What tools, materials, or training would you like to see here? How can I help?