Focus on Good Writing

Well, I’m back after a bit of a hectic hiatus. I don’t know if that’s an oxymoron, or perfectly normal but no, it was not a vacation! After much soul-searching, I’ve had to admit that I don’t want to blog about academic writing. While teaching is… alright… and I have some incredibly fun students in each class, I also have some blockheads and the paper grading is a drag! I want to WRITE waaaaaay more than I teach. Like every day. For hours at a time. Stories! Book-length stories! Bible studies. Self-help/improvement  topics. Blog posts. Memoirs.

So, yep, I’m again in a transition period. My mentors, who I do love and trust, keep telling me that I need to have a focus for this blog, a “platform” if you will. Bleah.  But the guru of all things blogosphere, Kristen Lamb, says that I need to be true to my voice, make genuine connections, and serve my readers well, and that will be my platform. Now that sounds like a LOT more fun!

So, while there will be a significant number of posts directed towards a YA and New Adult audience, because those are the stories I most enjoy writing, my new plan is to write what I’m passionate about and trust that my readers are passionate about it too and enjoy my writing enough to return often and engage in some meaningful discussion with me, and with each other!