Friday Readers’ Grab-bag

Happy Friday! This post is a bit premature, but I’m setting it and sending it anyway. I’m kind of weird like that. It’s in my head and I want it out to make room for more stuff.

Moving forward, as I earn my way into more inboxes and create ever more useful content and products for you, it is my hope that many of you will find this space to be one for sharing, reflecting and questioning. On Fridays, I’d like to create a “Reader Mailbag” kind of article each week: a column/article that addresses readers’ questions or quandries about anything you deem important to modern women.

So, here’s what I need from you, my readers: your ideas and questions for discussion! Please? You can post them directly in the comments below this post, or send them to me in an email for a bit more privacy and confidentiality. Either way, I’ll answer them here on Fridays. Fair game?

Can’t wait to hear from you all soon!