Mission Stories: An Update

This will be a very short post. Because, frankly, there isn’t much to say. 🙁  Ihave begun the research of the missions in So. Cal. as those are the ones we are planning to visit and write stories for first. My parents are camping in Oceanside for the next month, and there just happens to be a big, beautiful mission there, so it just moved to the top of the list for a visit! My main character, CoraLeona, is talking to me while I sleep almost every night now, bugging me to start writing some of it down. The plan is to start getting her stories down on paper in the wee early morning hours and/or the late evening hours, after my teaching/working day is done. The problem with that plan is the usual: I need rest! But so does she… and she will probably win this round, if only to get her to shut up and get out of my head!