PTSD and Gender

The two populations with the highest frequency of PTSD diagnoses are:
– military combat soldiers
– prison inmates

Since both of these populations are predominantly male, I had (wrongly) assumed that men were more likely to develop and be diagnosed with PTSD following severe trauma. Imagine my surprise when I found that in the general population women are three times as likely to be diagnosed with PTSD as men!

There are several theories offered to explain why this may be true, First, since women are more driven by emotion and intuition than men are, researchers believe that the emotional stress resulting from trauma is more likely to be internalized in women. The other common theory is that women and children are more often the targets of predators in our society, often with little effective protection, and that such volatile conditions leave women more vulnerable to developing PTSD following traumatic events.
Fortunately, help and support is available.…/support-group
The links listed here are just a few of the online options that are available. Additionally, local hospitals and psychologists often have resources available locally for their patients who have been traumatized.

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