Scattered Focus = Weakness

Sorry, this is a day late, but I’m getting back on track… slowly…

Lately, it seems like all of the tasks completed and the goals set take far longer to finish than the time allotted for them. But it’s not a new phenomenon in my life. While people close to me accuse me of procrastination, I KNOW that I generally start well ahead of deadlines but run out of time. Am I that bad at time estimates? Even for tasks that I’ve completed before?

There is something else at work here: a lack of focus. When estimating the time needed for a task or goal, I forget to build in extra time for interruptions and distractions. Frankly…

I don’t have time for them!

I don’t want to build in extra time. Instead, I will develop laser-focus and work through interruptions and distractions to stay on track. Areas I need to focus-like-a-laser on right now are:

– business


Re-claiming focus requires strength of will and powerful concentration. When effectively focused, the time estimates will be accurate and the goals will be reached.