Shifting Paradigms = New Stories to Tell

A little background first: sitting in church the day after my daughter’s first karate class, I had a vision of a grand battle. The characters who introduced themselves to me were an elite mother/daughter team of warriors. Who were these women? Who or what were they fighting? Why? Because of the setting I was in when they “appeared,” I answered those questions according to what I knew about the end times.

Then, I asked my pastor for his thoughts about the end times. He handed me not one, but two, books that he had written about “the time of the end.” Yeah. He has a few thoughts about the topic…

And I’m finding that much of his teaching is very different from what I’ve always heard and been taught. This is creating a paradigm shift: a change in my belief system based on new and different information. And the paradigm shift is changing the story that I thought I was telling about the mother/daughter warriors. It’s still a trilogy. It still ends in the future. But it spans centuries, and it’s richer and more complex than I had imagined.

So what’s in store for my readers? Hopefully, new ways of thinking about women, and strength, the end times, and the spiritual realm. Definitely a chance to think and evaluate things for themselves. Maybe even some paradigm shifts of their own?

Your turn: What books have caused you to view something differently or challenged your beliefs about something? How did that feel?