Stay Safe: Stay Alert!

According to Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company, “BEFORE the assault is where real self defense starts.” He goes on to explain the 4 stages of attack and the concept that once you have been attacked, any attempt at self-defense is a “salvage operation, at best.”

Instead of “salvaging” your safety, would you like to protect it BEFORE any attack? The key is in staying alert and being aware of your surroundings… always! Here are some tips to increase your alertness:
1. Secure your belongings and zip/button/snap all purses and bags before walking out to your vehicle.
2. Scan in all directions, noting everyone in your immediate surroundings. When possible, make direct eye contact with strangers. This lets them know that you are aware of them and that you could pick them out of a line-up should you need to!
3. PUT AWAY YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES! Do not walk around, focused on and distracted by conversations or texts. Earbuds further diminish your awareness of anyone approaching.
4. Have your keys out and ready to use when walking out to your vehicle so that you do not waste valuable time or become distracted trying to locate your keys.
5. If you are walking or running longer distances, keep your phone out and ready to dial 911 at a moment’s notice, should any unknown person approach you unexpectedly.

These tips will help you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. While it is important not to be paranoid or fearful, it is critical that you stay alert and pay attention to everyone and everything around you in order to not become a target!

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