Strength to Launch

launch: to start or set in motion. to send forth, catapult, or release.

Last week, I read the book Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell. While the book was full of good advice, the thing I liked best was the analogy woven throughout (I’m an English geek. What can I say?) Campbell used the analogy to explain the origin of the phrase, “waiting for your ship to come in.” Successful merchants in the olden days didn’t send out one ship and wait for its return. It might shipwreck or get lost at sea. It might be overtaken by pirates. The crew might mutiny and never come back home. So smart merchants kept building ships and sending them out. Eventually, a messenger would come running, shouting, “Your ship has come in!” The merchant didn’t bother asking, “Which ship?” It didn’t matter- ANY ship returning to harbor was a good thing!

In today’s marketplace, finding success is still a numbers game. The more “ships” a person launches into the marketplace, the better the likelihood that some will return to port laden with treasure and cargo. Payday!

I realize that I need to launch more ships. They don’t have to be huge cruise ships, entertaining thousands. Schooners and galleons are swift, and still bring many treasures to port.

Launches to schedule for this summer: newsletter writing for HOAs, one (or 2?) novels, PTSD Bible study (and workbook, online course), teen gym business plan, website update, weekly query letters to both online and print publications.

As Seth Godin says, “Ship it!” (and check out this awesome project journal he’s created and shared to help you do it!) Yep, it’s time to launch!