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I’m Sorry, I Promise!

Probably two of the most meaningless and misused words in the English language are “sorry” and “promise.” We want desperately to believe them when we hear them. We accept the apology and forgive. We accept the promise with renewed hope. Yet 99% of the time, they fall flat.   We know that if someone is […]

Center-punched Sideways Again!

How do I keep getting knocked so far off track that I’m not even sure I’m still on the same internet as my readers? By now, I’m sure my readers recognize the signs and the pattern. Yep, when I step away and get quiet, it means that I’m questioning (again?!) my purpose, mission, goals, and […]

Popular for the BEST Reasons!

My daughter came home last week looking dejected and disappointed. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she wasn’t popular. And she wanted to be! Her classmates had done oral presentations of some projects in class and each presenter got to choose who presented next, but no one chose her. She will be […]