The Novel Implied

“Look closely at your book and make sure that you want to see the novel it implies.”   ~Walter Mosley, This Year You Write Your Novel

I take this quote a step further. When I look at my book ideas, I make sure that I want to read the novel that is implied. I have always read voraciously, for several hours every day and deep into the nights. While my classmates got in trouble for passing notes or messing around in class instead of doing their assignments, I got in trouble for hiding my novels inside textbooks and reading them instead.

Even so, it’s always been a challenge to find books I really like to read. I’ve always had limited patience for whiny, angst-ridden stories, sappy romance, or preoccupation with teen popularity and cliques. Instead, I enjoy reading anything that takes place in another time and place, one different from my own. I love and relate to strong, smart female characters. A touch of magic or mysticism is fun. So it’s natural that these are the elements I write into my fiction, as well. The best advice I’ve ever received is “Write what you want to read.” If I don’t love my story, why would my readers?

It’s your turn! What do YOU like to read? What elements draw you into a story and keep you there? What is your all-time favorite story and why?