The Strong Minds Mission

I was talking with one of my amazing stepdaughters a while back and, as usual, she said something that lodged in my brain permanently. She is an incredible, strong, talented and inspirational songwriter and performer, who said, “I work hard every day to be the very best version of “me” that I can be. I respect people who work hard too, who try to look their best, feel their best, BE their best every day.”

Hmmm. Yeah. What she said! That spirit, that practice, THAT is what I want to help every teen on the planet find. Especially those who have been deprived of it- whether by circumstance, trauma, culture, religion, or whatever.

I believe that everyone deserves to be respected for being his or her best, most beautiful self. And I want to be instrumental in providing tools, support, and encouragement toward that end. Strong Minds Inc. will help teens look their best, feel their best, and BE their best, through the development of personal strength and integrity.