To Supplement or Not?

I have been riding the fence about dietary/health supplementation. On one hand, I know that even when I’m eating well, seeking out organic whole foods, I can not get the nutrition my body needs from my diet alone. But there is so much conflicting information about supplements, and so many impure synthetic supplements on the market, that I’ve been hesitant to try any.

Then I pulled together a supplementation plan and bought a half-dozen bottles of pills from the local health food emporium. I knew I had good quality products, but I wasn’t certain that I had the right blend of nutrients for my needs. I felt better; healthier. But still uncertain.

Enter, Melaleuca. Best. Supplements. Ever! These supplements deliver minerals to the body in the same form they are found in plants, providing superior absorption and maximum antioxidant protection. They also have many packs to choose from, for a variety of benefits, including:

– total health

– bone and joint

– heart health

– brain health

– peak athletic performance

– essential nutrition

All packs come in 3 formulations:

– men’s

– women’s

– longevity, 50+

All supplements included in the packs are also available for individual purchase, so you can create your own “pack” too. And all are independently, clinically tested at Freiburg University in Germany, renowned for its leading-edge research in biomedicine. Yep, proven best supplements ever!

For more information on Melaleuca’s supplements, visit  . And if you’d like to become a preferred customer to get these supplements at a discount, contact me. I’d be happy to get you signed up.