Want to be Courageous? Be Prepared!

Preparation is one of the most important keys to being courageous. Preparation can take several forms:

– planning

– visualizing

– training

– practice

Planning ahead to meet a challenge means answering some key questions. What resources are needed? How much time will be required? What things might be potential distractions? How can distractions be eliminated ahead of time?

Visualizing success is important and effective. The human brain does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is actually done. So if you can picture yourself acting courageously and imagine what that looks like and feels like, then you know you can act that courageously in a “real” situation.

Training and practice are the final keys to courage. The more you repeat an action or sequence of actions, the more you rehearse a conversation or a challenge, the easier it is to act courageously in the moment, without hesitation or panic.

In everything: prepare for courage!