We’re baaaack!

Yep, took a month or so off and spent some time evaluating where we’re at and where we’re going here at Strong Minds Publishing. Our first love is YA LITERATURE! Woohoo! So the decision is to start some conversations that matter to young adults. Of course, many adults will also find the conversations interesting, but I’d like the focus here to be tweens, teens, and new adults as much as is possible. I have some topics in mind, and I’m keeping my eyes on the news for topics of interest to a YA audience. But, as always, I want to hear your ideas and questions about all things YA.

So, teens, what would you like to talk more about? What books are you reading and enjoying these days? What kinds of stories do you want more of? Are you ready to go back to school yet? (Yeah, me neither!)

Let’s rock this space!