What is my Passion?

“Hello. Hello again…” Remember this 1980’s song by The Cars?  (Listen here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXpJ0bM5zbM ) That is what this blog is starting to feel like to me, and probably to you too, my dear pinballed readers. I know. I’ve been pinging around, up, down, and all over the place trying to land on a focus for this space. Like my daughter on her first “real” carnival ride


Zipper ZipperStart

(The Zipper!): full of energy, and giggling maniacally. Thank you for your indulgence and, good news! I’ve finally figured it out.

My passion lies in learning about and teaching feminine strength and resilience in its many forms: physical, spiritual, emotional, etc. The characters in my novels are strong women, sometimes misunderstood, maligned, or marginalized, whose journeys include developing and using various strengths to excel and thrive.

So, I will post here about my characters and the stories they tell me. I will share what I learn through researching their stories.  After all, if it informs their strengths, maybe we can all learn from it.

I will also be transparent about my personal pursuit of resilience and growth through my studies in self-defense training and spiritual warfare. And in the months to come, watch for courses and training materials offered to help you, your sisters, your mothers, all of the women who matter in your life, to grow in tenacity, resilience, and personal strength.

In the comments below, tell me what area you find most challenging, or which area you would like to learn more about:

– physical strength?

-spiritual strength?

-emotional strength?

-a combination of two, or all three?

I look forward to hearing from you!