You Are Only As Strong As Your Resources

(Last Friday’s post… running a little bit late!)

Surviving difficult situations often depends on a person’s resourcefulness. What exactly does one do when a job is lost, eviction notices are served, the car breaks down, a loved one falls ill?

Scramble! Fast! That’s what you must do. There are resources available to help with every situation. Seek them out!

personal: do you know anyone- friends or family members- who might be in a position to help?

local: in many areas, calling 211 on your phone will give you a listing of local agencies that can help with a variety of challenges. Also, check with the city chamber of commerce and county health department offices for referrals to local agencies and organizations.

national/international: get online and search for national or international organizations and send queries to their “contact” online. Sometimes, there are interest forms or applications for aid available online that can be filled out and submitted right away.

Whatever the challenge, there are resources available to help. Need help with student loan payments? A tooth bothering you, needing to be pulled? Take the initiative to seek out the resources to help. The universe will meet you halfway.

You are long as strong as the resources you seek out and claim!